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KHS Academics

The KHS Academic Program

Academically rigorous content leads students to:
  1. acquire knowledge,
  2. see the importance of knowledge in their lives,
  3. and apply knowledge to develop higher order thinking skills.
Kapolei High School uses project-based learning as the foundation of an academically rigorous curriculum. Project-based learning integrates academic content with complex, real-world issues that are relevant to students and the lives of others in their community. Project-based learning gives a context for learning; it actively engages students and allows them to experience first hand why school is important.

Kapolei High School prepares students for multiple post-secondary options, including continuing their education at universities, community colleges, and trade schools, and going directly into the workforce. The rigorous academic knowledge, practical skills, and personal maturity students gain prepares them to craft a thoughtful plan for their transition from high school and to achieve their long-term goals.

Project Based Learning

At Kapolei High School we create authentic and relevant learning through students-initiated projects that integrate real-world problem solving into the curriculum. Then, using authentic assessment practices, we are able to evaluate and appreciate all that students know and can do.

Project-based learning is the foundation for teaching and learning at Kapolei High School. It integrates rigorous academic content with complex real world issues that are relevant to students and the lives of others in their community.

When students have the opportunity to choose their projects within standards-based framework, they select issues that have the greatest personal meaning to them. At Kapolei High School we use authentic assessment standards to gauge students' capacity to learn and apply skills and knowledge.

At the conclusion of project students exhibit their final work for teachers, peers, and (in upper grades) to a panel of community experts. Authentic assessment raises the stakes for learning by requiring students to process, communicate, and demonstrate what they have learned and can do. Kapolei students rise to the occasion, with support from teachers and mentors, and appreciate the chance to tackle "real" problems and then show what they know to a real audience.


Personalized learning takes place in small communities of teachers and students where there is a shared sense of purpose and opportunities to explore individual interests.

To ensure personalize learning, Kapolei High School focuses on actively engaging students in their own learning, making teaching relevant to students' needs and interests, and emphasizing student support. The combination of these strategies transforms the study of academic subjects from a required activity into a personal journey.

At every grade level Kapolei students participate in project-based learning, which challenges them to identify and implement meaningful projects that are both connected to academic content and relevant to their lives and the life of their community. When students have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning, they internalize knowledge because they see its importance in their lives and their future.

Career Pathways

Kapolei High School provides all students with meaningful career opportunities through career awareness, career exploration, multiple entry points for post-secondary plans, and partnerships with businesses, community, and post-secondary school partners.

At Kapolei High School we help students recognize the multiple paths they can take after high school and plan the steps they need to take to realize success on the path they choose. Our goal is to help students consider the advantages and drawbacks of a range of options and make informed decisions.

The paths students take are as individual as the students themselves. We honor that diversity by helping each student realize his or her set of goals.