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Attendance Policy

Students must attend school daily and be in class on time so that the optimum benefits of education can be achieved. Unexcused and/or excessive absences and tardies are unacceptable and prevent maximum teaching and learning from taking place.

Guidelines on Absences
  • In order to ensure students' accountability for their attendance and to ensure consistent data collection, the school will process and maintain attendance on a daily basis.
  • Teachers will monitor and contact parents to discuss excessive and/or recurring absences and tardies.
  • After an absence from school, the student must present a note from the parent and/or a doctor’s certificate to the front office within three (3) school days. The note is required even if the parent or guardian notifies the school by phone. After the three day deadline, any absence or tardy will be marked "unexcused.”
  • For planned extended student absences (more than a week), parent/guardian will need to complete and submit the Notification for Extended Student Absence at least three weeks prior to the absence. Forms may be picked up at the office.
  • The school will only excuse absences when written documentation is submitted within three (3) school days upon student's return to school, and absences are for the following reasons:
    • Illness, injury, quarantine (for chicken pox, measles, etc.) verifiable by a doctor's note
    • Death in the family
    • Special cases as approved by administration

Students who are tardy (after 7:55 a.m.) to school must:
  • Arrival after 7:55 a.m. - Students are to report to the office to request a tardy admit slip. This slip must be presented to the teacher for admittance to class.
  • Students with excessive tardies may be subject to disciplinary consequences such as detention. Continued tardies will be reported to parents and/or referred to administration.

The Department of Education and the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) cooperate in dealing with students who are truant. When a student is picked up for being truant by HPD, the following procedure will be exercised:
  • 1st offense - Police returns student to school for disciplinary action. Name of student is placed in HPD computer bank. Parent is informed.
  • 2nd offense - Student is taken to the police station and arrested for truancy. Parent must claim Student for release.
  • 3rd offense - Student is arrested and must go to Family Court for disposition.

Field Trips
Students who choose not to participate on any given field trip must still attend school. Make-up work will be provided.

School Rules
  1. Students are expected to be in class on time and remain in class until dismissed.
  2. Students may leave the classroom with permission from teacher and signed passes in student planner, or alternative method.
  3. Students will dress appropriately during school hours. The following are not considered appropriate:
    • Spaghetti straps or strapless tops and dresses, short dresses
    • Short and/or tight skirts. (Skirts must be at least fingertip length
    • Bare midriff, halter tube tops, backless, or off the shoulder clothing
    • Tank tops — for boys
    • Gang related colors and/or symbols on clothing, accessories
    • T-shirts or clothing with drug paraphernalia words or symbols on them
    • Headgear (caps, hats, beanies, etc.) worn in buildings or classrooms
    • Bandanas and do-rags are not allowed on campus.
    • Dark glasses indoors
  4. Loitering will not be allowed, specifically in the following areas:
    • Stairwells inside and outside of the buildings
    • Walkway behind the forum stage
    • Parking lot before, during and after school hours
    • Entry/Commons of buildings
  5. Adults on campus will be called Mrs., Miss or Mr., followed by their surname.
  6. Students suspended for class A or B offenses will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities for the quarter in which the infraction/suspension occurred.
  7. Students must wear I.D. tags at all times. I.D. tags must be worn above the waist.
  8. Bicycles are to be secured only at bike racks.
  9. Skateboards are not allowed on school campus.